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Hospitering hos ICE-SAR Highland Patrol 2018

Magdalena og Eirin var to av de heldige som deltok i 2017

Nå har du muligheten til å bli med en lokal redningsgruppe på den fantastiske sagaøya Island en hel uke! Du får muligheten til å bli med ICE-SAR Highland Patrol i den mest spennede og flotte naturen Island har å by på. La ikke muligheten gå fra deg!

For å få muligheten til å delta, må du sende en søknad til FORF. I søknaden må du si litt om din bakgrunn og din fartstid som frivillig/ ansatt I en av FORF sine medlemsorganisasjoner.

Sett også opp hvilke kurs og erfaring du har fra redningstjensten og gjerne hva som motiverer deg for å søke om å få delta.

I år har vi fått noe midler til gjennomføring av programmet, så her vil vi kunne dekke reisekostnader til den enkelte.

For dere som får muligheten til å delta på dette fantastiske eventyret, må også sende inn en liten reiserapport og evaluering av uken. Noen av dere vil også bli spurt om å holde et lite innlegg FORF seminaret til høsten.

Tormod var en av de heldige som fikk delta i fjor, han sier bl. A dette om oppholdet sitt;

• Deltakere får se hvordan andre redningsfolk jobber

• Mye faglig diskusjon

• Gir nye impulser og inspirasjon

• Vi kan og skal bli bedre og trenger derfor impulser fra andre miljø

• Vi kan dele vår erfaring

• Anbefaler at FORF jobber videre med slike prosjekt

• Anbefaler ALLE som har mulighet og får tilbud om å hospitere utenfor ditt vanlige miljø

Skulle det være noen dere lurer på er det bare å ta kontakt!

Søknad sendes innen 15 juni til [email protected]

Da er vi frem til akkurat din søknad!

For å se litt nærmere på hva Highland Patrol er og hva som kreves av dere, ta frem engelsk kunnskapen og les mer her:

ICE-SAR Highland Patrol

As a part of the cooperation between FORF and ICE-SAR we would like to offer members of FORF to take part in ICE-SAR’s highland patrol. Over the summertime, ICE-SAR operates the Highland patrol in 3 sites in the highland (Landmannalaugar, Nýjidalur and Askja) as well as one site in Skaftafell in southern Iceland. ICE-SAR would like to offer members of FORF to participate in the Highland patrol in Landmannalaugar unless you attended last year and want to try other location.

Landmannalaugar and Fjallabak

The location reaches over all of the Fjallabak area (mountainous area North of Myrdalsjökull).

More information about Landmannalaugar can be found here: bit.ly/LLaugarinfophotos from Landmannalaugar can be found here: bit.ly/Llaugar. Photos from the Fjallabak area can be found here: bit.ly/fjallabak. This is a very beautiful area and in the summer time it is very popular. The area is a mountainous area so that means that you can expect +15°C and sun one day and 0°C and snowstorm the next day. Usually the temperature is around +3 - 10°C The elevation in Landmannalaugar is about 600m above sea level. So, you need to be equipped for these conditions.

The facilities that we have in Landmannalaugar are quite humble. We have a very small hut, a container and tents. Many teams that stay there go with a big group and they put up a camp but some are there with a smaller group and stay only in the hut and the container. The hut has 4 bunks and the container 2 bunks so everyone is not able to stay there so most of you will probably need to stay in a tent. ICE-SAR will provide a tent for you to stay in there and you will of course have access to the hut and other facilities that’s there, just as anyone else.

The Highland Patrol

The highland patrol is set up because of how many people are traveling around the Icelandic Highlands over the summertime and the long time it will take resources to react to an accident or a search in the area. This is the 12th year that ICE-SAR has teams on standby in the highland like this.

The patrol starts at 15:00 on Sunday and is for 7 full day’s. You would need to arrive in Landmannalaugar in time and you would be able to go back on Sunday. ICE-SAR would get you from Reykjavik – _Landmannalaugar and back by bus or with the team.

The callouts for the team there is everything from giving recommendation to hikers, assisting drivers that have got their cars stuck in mud or river somewhere up to Car crashes and starting up large scale searches for lost persons. We have the highland patrol there since it takes such a long time to get there from the next towns/villages so whatever happens these are the first responders. You will be a participant in all call outs working under the supervision and command of the local team leader.

What does ICE-SAR supply?

ICE-SAR will supply you with some basic things like:

· A tent that will be located close to the hut.

(We are looking for camping beds to make it a little more comfortable)

· One Tetra radio per person

· Trip from Reykjavik to Landmannalaugar and back

· Really good company and the possibility to see one of Iceland’s

most beautiful areas

What do you need?

First, we make the requirement that you are certified by your organization to do search and rescue. So, you will need to have the following training:

· First Aid

· Navigation

· Outdoor survival

· Search and Rescue for a lost person

We also make the requirement that all participants have reasonable knowledge of english. That will be the language most of our team members are able to communicate in.

Participants from Norway must get them self to Iceland either by plane or by ferry (by plane is both cheaper and takes less time). You can fly to Keflavik international airport. You will probably need to stay over one night in Reykjavik before you go to the highland patrol and one night when you get back. Flight ticket and accommodation paid by us.

You need to arrive with your personal clothing and camping equipment. You will need all the clothing and equipment to stay dry and warm in the Icelandic highland in the summer. We can get a lot of rain, high winds and cold temperatures. You might even get snow if you are lucky. We recommend that you have the following equipment:

God hiking boots (even a spare if you have) Strong recommendation

Wading shoes (you might need to wade rivers som it´s better to do that in sandals og sneakers)

Helmet (mountaineering helmet)

Climbing harness

Swimwear (there is a natural hot spring in Landmannalaugur that you can bathe in)

Note this is not a complete list


The highland patrol starts June the 29th and ends on August 26th Again, the shift starts on Sunday and ends again on Sunday. These are the shifts that are available for FORF members:

1. June 29th – July 8th

2. July 8th – July 15th

3. July 15th – July 22 th

4. July 22 th – July 29th

5. July 29th – August 5th

6. August 5th – August 12th

7. August 12th – August 19th

8. August 19th – August 26th